Delete a custom policy template that you have previously created.

Because the structure of custom policies are dependent on a template for their definition, you cannot edit a policy template after it is created. However, you can delete a template along with the policies that use it, and then create a new template and policies. This procedure describes how to delete a policy template.

You cannot delete the preconfigured policy templates that are provided by Tanzu Mission Control. The preconfigured templates are denoted by a tmc- prefix.


Make sure you have the appropriate permissions to delete policy templates.
  • To delete a policy template, you must be associated with the .admin role or the organization.policytemplate.edit role on the organization.


  1. Click Policies in the left navigation pane of the Tanzu Mission Control console to show the subpages, and then click Templates.
  2. In the table on the Custom policy templates page, click the menu icon for the template you want to delete, and then choose Delete.
    You can optionally save a local copy of the template definition by clicking Download YAML from the popup menu.
  3. In the confirmation dialog, click Delete.
    If there are custom policies that use this template, an additional dialog is displayed.
  4. To delete the template and all of the custom policies that use it, select Force delete template, and then click Delete.


When you click Delete, Tanzu Mission Control removes the template, as well as the associated policies if you selected that option.