This topic describes the Review Pending Changes page and how you can selectively deploy individual or multiple tiles in VMware Tanzu Operations Manager. Deploying tiles selectively can dramatically reduce deployment time.

Review Pending Changes page

The following image shows the Review Pending Changes page. The features called out with green numbers are described in the following sections.

After reviewing the pending changes, click Apply Changes.

Each labeled section of the Review Pending Changes page works as follows:

  • 1Select All Products: When activated, the check box selects all available tiles. When deactivated, the check box deselects all available tiles.

  • 2Select Product: The check boxes next to each tile listing allow you to select the tiles you want to deploy. The BOSH Director is always selected.

  • 3Tile Listing: Each tile listing displays the version of the tile staged for deployment. The top of each listing shows one of the following three colors:

    • Green — The tile is configured and ready for deployment.

    • Orange — The tile is not fully configured and cannot be deployed yet.

    • Red — The tile is pending deletion.

  • 4Depends on: This section lists tile dependencies and versions. If you choose to deploy a tile that has dependencies, you must also deploy all dependencies for that tile in the same deployment. Dependencies are shown in the following colors:

    • Green — The correct version of the dependency is installed.

    • Red — An incompatible version of the dependency is installed. If the red text includes (optional), you can still deploy the tile.

    • Gray — The dependency is not installed, but it is optional.

  • 5Warnings: Red text in orange tile listings indicates changes you must make before you deploy the tile. You might see some of the following warnings:

    • Missing stemcell(s) — You must import and stage one or more stemcells in the Stemcell Library. The warning includes a link to the Stemcell Library page.

    • Stemcell(s) out of date — You must update one or more stemcells for the tile in the Stemcell Library. For more information, see Importing and Managing Stemcells.

    • Configuration is incomplete — You must finish configuring the tile.

    • Configuration is invalid — You must resolve invalid configurations within the tile.

  • 6Changes: This section lists high-level pending changes to the tile that Tanzu Operations Manager has not yet attempted to deploy. When Tanzu Operations Manager tries to deploy a tile but the deployment fails, it clears this list, and the pending changes are retained for the next deployment. To see if a tile has successfully deployed, see Change Log Page in Using the Tanzu Operations Manager Interface.

    Listed changes include:

    • Tile deletion is staged.

    • Tile version is updated.

    • Stemcell is added.

    • Stemcell is updated.

  • 7Errands: If you expand this section, you can activate or deactivate errands that trigger when that tile deploys. For example, you may activate an errand to log properties. For more information, see Managing Errands in Tanzu Operations Manager.

  • 8Staged: This section indicates the status of the tile.

  • 9See Changes: When you click this button, it takes you to the Pending Changes page for that tile. For more information, see About Pending Changes for a Specific Tile.

  • 10Apply Changes: Clicking this button deploys all selected tiles.

  • 11Rotate All Non-Configurable Leaf Certificates: When this check box is activated, all non-configurable leaf certificates are rotated as the first step of re-deployment. The page displays when the next non-configurable leaf certificate is to expire, allowing you to decide whether to activate the check box without needing to look at the Certificates page.

When you activate the Rotate All Non-Configurable Leaf Certificates check box, you must deploy again all tiles to ensure that all VMs receive the latest version of the certificates. You must also activate the Upgrade All Service instances errand for any tiles that have that errand. This errand re-deploys VMs associated with service instances, ensuring that they also receive the latest version of the certificates. For more information, see Rotating Non-Configurable Leaf Certificates.

About pending changes for a specific tile

If you have changed the configuration of a tile in your deployment, use the Pending Changes page to review the changes to the existing manifest or configurations line-by-line.

This page summarizes staged changes to the configuration of the existing tile. The changes displayed in this page have not yet been applied to the tile.

This page allows you to verify changes to the manifest and configurations, so you can approve any staged changes before re-deploying tiles.

Use the Pending Changes page

The change summary fields display features that have been activated or deactivated through the Tanzu Operations Manager Installation Dashboard or Tanzu Operations Manager API. These changes are staged, but have not been implemented yet. You must click Apply Changes to put these changes into effect.

To see changes for a specific tile:

  1. On the Review Pending Changes page, click See Changes on the tile you want to review. The Pending Changes tab opens.

  2. Review the changes that appear. Settings that have been activated are displayed in green with a + sign. Settings that have been deactivated are displayed in red with a - sign.

  3. Click the Return to Review Pending Changes link to apply the changes or review other tiles.

The following image shows changes to the BOSH Director’s manifest:

Pending changes for BOSH Director, showing changes to the manifest.

When you make changes to a tile, change summaries are displayed for the following tile areas:

  • Manifest

  • Runtime configurations

  • CPI configurations

  • Cloud configurations

If an aspect of the tile has not changed, the change summary displays No changes.

Changes to errands do not display in the page UI.

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