Tanzu Standard Repository Packages

This topic lists packages in the Tanzu Standard package repository that you can install into Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) workload clusters to add capabilities to the clusters.


With clusters deployed by a vSphere with Tanzu Supervisor, in addition to installing packages into workload clusters, you can also install them as Supervisor services or vSphere IaaS Control Plane services. See:

Tanzu Standard Repository Contents

The table below lists packages in the tanzu-standard package repository that you can install in workload clusters after they have been prepared as described in Prepare to Install Tanzu Packages. On TKG with a standalone management cluster, you can also install some packages on a shared services cluster that serves multiple workload clusters.

The table links to package installation procedures with a Supervisor and with a standalone management cluster as appropriate; not all packages are applicable or needed with Supervisor.

The table also lists package dependencies that you must install first.

For information about how to use the tanzu package plugin, see Packages in Installing and Managing Packages with the Tanzu CLI.

For information about VMware support for these packages, see Tanzu Standard Repository Package Support.

Package Function Install with Supervisor Install with Standalone MC Dependencies
Cert Manager
Certificate management Install Cert Manager (Supervisor) Install Cert Manager (Standalone MC)* Cert Manager is a prerequisite for many other Tanzu packages and should usually be the first package you install.
Container networking Install Contour (Supervisor) Install Contour (Standalone MC)* Requires cert-manager
External DNS
Container registry Install External DNS (Supervisor) Install External DNS (Standalone MC)* Requires cert-manager.
Requires external-dns if you want to create DNS records for Contour HTTPProxy resources.
Fluent bit
Log forwarding Install Fluent Bit (Supervisor) Install Fluent Bit (Standalone MC) None
FluxCD Controllers
Continuous delivery (CD) Flux installation Flux installation helm-controller and kustomize-controller require flux-source-controller
Monitoring Install Grafana (Supervisor) Install Grafana (Standalone MC) Requires cert-manager, contour, and prometheus
Image registry Install Harbor (Supervisor) Install Harbor (Standalone MC)* Requires cert-manager
Requires contour or NSX ALB for ingress.
Recommends external-dns on infrastructure platforms with load balancing, especially in production or other environments in which Harbor availability is important.
Multus CNI
Container networking N/A Install Multus Requires cert-manager
Monitoring Install Prometheus (Supervisor) Install Prometheus (Standalone MC) Requires cert-manager
Snapshot Validation Webhook
Storage snapshotting Install and Deploy External CSI Snapshot Webhook Using the Tanzu CLI N/A Requires cert-manager
vSphere PV CSI Webhook
Storage snapshotting Install and Deploy the vSphere PVCSI Webhook Using the Tanzu CLI N/A Requires cert-manager
Container networking N/A Install Multus with Whereabouts Requires multus-cni

*With a standalone management cluster, Cert Manager, Contour, External DNS, and Harbor can be deployed to a shared services cluster as well as to workload clusters.

FluxCD Package Notes

FluxCD packages do not have dedicated pages in VMware documentation, but see FluxCD controllers for more information.

Each FluxCD package installs a Kubernetes controller:

  • Flux Source Controller retrieves artifacts from external sources such as Git, OCI, Helm repositories, and S3-compatible buckets.
  • Flux Helm Controller lets you declaratively manage Helm chart releases defined with Kubernetes manifests.
  • Flux Kustomize Controller lets you assemble and run continuous delivery pipelines for infrastructure and workloads defined with Kubernetes manifests.
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