Tanzu RabbitMQ provides the building blocks for a cloud native messaging and streaming service that you can deploy on any Kubernetes cluster. The product includes the following main components:

  • Tanzu RabbitMQ OCI - This container image includes RabbitMQ, the Erlang runtime and other dependencies as well as commercial plugins
  • Tanzu RabbitMQ Kubernetes Operators and sidecar containers - This layer provides the control plane to create and manage RabbitMQ deployments with ease and zero downtime

Product Architecture

When Tanzu RabbitMQ is deploying a RabbitMQ cluster it also creates a Kubernetes service that allows other pods to use the cluster without a need for any additional load balancer. If you want to expose the RabbitMQ cluster to applications outside the Kubernetes cluster, Tanzu RabbitMQ will configure this service to have a routable endpoint on the Kubernetes external load balancer.

Tanzu RabbitMQ does not stop at cluster lifecycle management. It allows for the creation and management of messaging topologies on the cluster and across clusters using Kubernetes API. Tanzu RabbitMQ provides a disaster recovery solution with a fast replication of messages to a standby cluster. This topology can be setup in a few minutes using the Kubernetes API.

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