VMware Tanzu RabbitMQ provides commercial features, not available in the open source version of RabbitMQ. All these features can be configured and managed via the Kubernetes Operators, or manually in the OCI image. Every feature is docummented without Kubernetes context, and there are specific guides to configure and operate these features in Kubernetes.

Inter-node and CLI Traffic Compression

This feature enables compression between RabbitMQ nodes and CLI tools. It can result in cost savings if you are operating RabbitMQ in the cloud, in different availability zones, as most cloud providers charge for inter-zone network traffic.

Schema Synchronization and Standby Replication

This feature provides the necessary mechanisms to deploy and configure a standby RabbitMQ cluster, in different zones, or even in different sites, accross the WAN. This feature allows to replicate schema definitions (vhost, queues, users, etc.) and messages published to quorum queues or streams.

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