This topic explains how to create a service instance with service-gateway access.

Service-gateway access enables a VMware Tanzu RabbitMQ for VMs on-demand service instance to connect to external components that are not on the same foundation as the service instance.

Create a Service Instance with Service-Gateway Access

This section assumes that you meet the prerequisites for using on-demand VMware Tanzu RabbitMQ for VMs. For more information, see Prerequisites.

If operators have enabled a service-gateway plan, you can create a service instance that can connect to components outside the your foundation. Contact your operator if you are unsure which plans have been enabled for service-gateway access. For information about the architecture and use cases, see Service-Gateway Access.

To create a service instance that enables service-gateway access:

  1. Create a service instance with the service-gateway plan by running:

    cf create-service p.rabbitmq SERVICE-GATEWAY-PLAN SERVICE-INSTANCE-NAME -c '{"tls": true}'

    Warning: VMware recommends that you configure service-gateway access with TLS to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. For instructions on using TLS on your platform, see Use Transport Layer Security.

  2. Obtain credentials by creating a service key:


    The uri section of the service key contains the address to the TCP router and a port from the port range. You can use this URI to connect to the service instance from outside the foundation.

Note: If the operator disables and then re-enables service-gateway access on a plan, you must create new service keys to obtain a new set of credentials for service-gateway access.

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