This topic provides troubleshooting information for common issues when using VMware Tanzu™ SQL with MySQL for Kubernetes

Errors while updating a single-node instance to HA


When updating an existing single-node instance to HA, the instance status stays "Pending" and fails to become "Ready".

$ kubectl get mysql mysql-sample
NAME                                           READY   STATUS    VERSION  AGE   false   Pending   1.3.0    13m

You may see Events associated with the instance, indicating that the InnoDB Cluster failed to initialize.

For example:

$ kubectl describe mysql mysql-sample
  Type     Reason                  Age                    From                       Message
  ----     ------                  ----                   ----                       -------
  Warning  ClusterTopologyUnknown  2m3s (x25 over 2m26s)  innodb-cluster-controller  Unable to determine if InnoDB Cluster needs to be created
  Warning  ClusterInitFailed       17s (x5 over 108s)     innodb-cluster-controller  Failed to initialize InnoDB Cluster


Examine the instance's mysql-sidecar container's logs for an error similar to missing a "Primary Key or equivalent column".

For example:

$ kubectl logs mysql-sample-0 -c mysql-sidecar
ERROR: The following tables do not have a Primary Key or equivalent column:

Your database table was created without a primary key, or a primary-key equivalent (non-null unique key). Such a table is compatible with single-node databases, but is incompatible with the MySQL Group Replication technology used by HA instances. As a requirement of MySQL Group Replication used by HA instances, all tables must have a primary key or equivalent.


To remedy this, add primary keys, or equivalent non-null unique keys, to the tables listed in the error message.

For example:

Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.08 sec)
Records: 0  Duplicates: 0  Warnings: 0

Without further intervention, the operator should finish updating the instance with HA.

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