Node is a physical or virtual machine that runs one or more service instances (instances of a specific version of service code) on a cluster within a service mesh.

For each onboarded cluster, Tanzu Service Mesh provides all relevant information for you to efficiently manage its nodes and observe the performance of the nodes in your network.


Tanzu Service Mesh shows information only for the worker nodes in onboarded clusters.

You can see a summary table view of all nodes in the clusters in your infrastructure and drill down into a specific node to view its details, including the following information:

  • A summary of the node (including total cores, total memory, and disk capacity allocated to the node, the number of service instances running on the node, and current central processing unit (CPU) and memory usage)

  • Charts showing performance metrics for the node (such as memory usage, disk usage, and performance of disk input/output operations)

  • Information about all service instances running on the cluster's nodes, including the service instance name, the service version, and key performance metrics for the instances (such as requests per second, request count, and error rate percentage)

You can gather nodes that meet your criteria into a node group (a type of resource group) to apply consistent policies to all the nodes in the group and monitor the performance for the group collectively. For more information about resource groups, see Resource Groups.