You can edit the configuration of a cluster to change the namespace exclusions defined for the cluster.

When you onboard a cluster, you can choose to install Tanzu Service Mesh in all the namespaces on the cluster or exclude some of the namespaces from the installation by defining namespace exclusions. After the cluster is onboarded, you may need to add new namespace exclusions or edit existing ones.

For example, you have deployed a third-party security plugin in a namespace on the cluster and don't want Tanzu Service Mesh to manage that plugin. For this example, to prevent Tanzu Service Mesh from being enabled in the namespace where the plugin is deployed, you would edit the cluster configuration to add an appropriate namespace exclusion.


  • Access the Tanzu Service Mesh Console.

  • If you want to enable Tanzu Service Mesh only in some of the namespaces of the cluster, decide beforehand which namespaces you want to exclude from Tanzu Service Mesh.


  1. In the navigation panel on the left, click Home.
  2. On the Home page, click the Cluster Overview tab.
  3. In the upper-right corner of the card for the cluster that you want to edit, click the three vertical dots and then click Edit Cluster.

  4. In the Edit Cluster dialog box, edit the configuration of namespace exclusions for the cluster.
    • To enable Tanzu Service Mesh in all the namespaces, click Enable Tanzu Service Mesh on all Namespaces.

    • To exclude a specific namespace from Tanzu Service Mesh, under Exclude Namespaces, click Add Exclusion, select Is Exactly from the left drop-down menu, and then enter or select the name of the namespace from the right drop-down menu.

    • To exclude namespaces based on a name starting pattern, under Exclude Namespaces, click Add Exclusion, select Starts With from the left drop-down menu, and then enter the first few characters of the namespace name in the right box.

    • To add the first namespace exclusion for the cluster, click Exclude Namespaces and then select values in the drop-down menus.

    • To delete a namespace exclusion, click the cross icon to the right of the drop-down menus that define the exclusion.

  5. To save the changes in the cluster configuration, click Save.


The message Cluster {name} updated successfully appears in the lower-left corner of the Tanzu Service Mesh Console.

When you create namespaces on the cluster, Tanzu Service Mesh will be automatically enabled in them unless they match any of the namespace exclusions that you have defined for the cluster.