You can configure GNS-scoped autoscaler through the UI or API to scale the service instances for a microservice with an increase or decrease of demand. After you configure the GNS-scoped autoscaler, it will implement the policy on the service residing within a global namespace.

Example of Use Case 1A

To illustrate this use case, let’s use the Acme application example.

  1. Deploy the Acme application to the acme namespace in two or more clusters.

  2. Create a global namespace acme and select the acme namespace in all the clusters.

  3. Create an autoscaling policy scale-order inside the acme global namespace, targeting the order service.

You can now view autoscaling in action for the order service in both clusters prd01 and prd02, on the Performance tab, as can be seen in the following screenshots.

A shows that the scale_order autoscaling policy is applied to the order service in the acme global namespace in clusters prod1 and prod2. B shows that the autoscaling policy scale_order is in action in both clusters.