You can see the performance of a single service measured by service level objectives (SLOs).


  1. In the navigation panel on the left, click Home.

    Onboarded clusters appear on the Cluster Overview tab.

  2. Click a cluster and then click a service for which an SLO has been applied.
  3. On the Service Dependencies tab, in the Version drop-down menu toward the top, to the right of the name of the selected service, select All Versions.
  4. To view the metric graphs, click the Performance tab.

    The SLO policy is now available on the Performance tab of the service.

    This screenshot shows that SLO violations are highlighted with a yellow bar while healthy operations are indicated with a green line. The Error Budget, Availability, and an option to edit the SLO are also displayed here.


    When SLO is set to 100%, metrics on the Performance tab display Unknown status.