You can configure an access control policy by making a call to the Tanzu Service Mesh API.

You can use the API Explorer, an interactive user interface, to access the Tanzu Service Mesh API endpoints. For more information about the API Explorer, see the Tanzu Service Mesh API Programming Guide.



  1. On the bottom of the Tanzu Service Mesh Console UI, toward the right, click API Explorer.
  2. On the Rest HTTP tab, to view the autoscaling endpoints, scroll down to the GNS Access Control Policy section.

  3. Expand the PUT /v1alpha2/projects/{projectID}/global-namespaces/{gnsID}/access-control-policy/{id} endpoint and create an autoscaling policy with a given ID based on a given global namespace.
    • A.  Specify the autoscaling policy name by using policyID.

    • B. Specify the global namespace name by using gnsID.

    • C. Inside Access Control Policy, specify the action (allow or deny), and match (port, hostname, path, or method).