This topic describes how Tanzu Telemetry Collector transmits, stores, and secures collected data.


Tanzu Telemetry Collector collects configuration data about your foundation. Tanzu Telemetry Collector does not collect any personal data or information related to an identified or identifiable natural person. For example, it does not collect data on passwords, private keys, or other authentication-type tools.

Note Tanzu Telemetry Collector collects configuration data for all services installed on a foundation. This may include partner tile data.

Security Measures

Tanzu Telemetry Collector connects to Tanzu Operations Manager and optionally the Reporting app, task, and service instance usage on any VMware Tanzu Cloud Foundry (PCF) foundation that has provided valid credentials. After Tanzu Telemetry Collector collects data, this data may be transmitted to VMware. The data is stored securely in Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Tanzu Telemetry Collector secures data during transmission using the following measures:

  • HTTPS connections when communicating
  • User-specific credentials to authenticate HTTPS requests to VMware

Data Collected

Tanzu Telemetry Collector collects data in a FoundationDetails_######.tar file on your local filesystem. The FoundationDetails_######.tar contains the following data:

From Operations Manager

API Endpoint Data Collected
  • Operations Manager version
  • BOSH stemcell
  • IaaS type
  • Deployed and staged products, versions, and stemcells
  • BOSH director configuration details
  • BOSH releases
  • NTP servers is filtered out
  • Documentation
  • Resources
  • List of the compute and disk configurations for all jobs on the installed products
  • Documentation
  • Details about VMs used on your IaaS, including:
    • Name
    • RAM
    • CPU
    • Ephemeral disk
    • Built in (true/false)
  • Documentation
  • List of all deployed tiles, including:
    • Name
    • Version
    • Product guid
  • Documentation
  • Event history for tile changes, including:
    • Change type (e.g. - “upgrade”)
    • Start time
    • End time
    • Change status
  • Username is filtered out
  • Documentation
  • Details about deployed certificates:
    • Issuer
    • Valid start and end dates
    • Configurable
    • Property reference
    • Property type
    • Property id
  • Documentation
  • Details about certificate authorities:
    • Id
    • Issuer
    • Created and expired dates
    • Active status
  • Cert_pem and Nats_cert_pem are filtered out
  • Documentation
  • List of all pending changes, including:
    • Product GUID
    • Product Action
    • Last Deployed State
    • Product Errands
    • Product Stemcells
  • Documentation

From the Usage Service

The Telemetry Collector can be optionally configured to collect information about application instances, tasks, and service instances from the Usage Service.

API Endpoint Data Collected
  • System-wide app usage data:
    • App instance hours
    • Average app instances
    • Maximum app instances
    • Documentation
  • System-wide task usage data:
  • System-wide service usage data:
    • Service name
    • Service GUID
    • Duration in hours
    • Average service instances
    • Maximum service instances
    • Service plan usage:
      • Service plan GUID
      • Service plan duration in hours
      • Service plan average service instances
      • Service plan maximum service instances
      • Service plan name is filtered out
    • Documentation

From CredHub

The Telemetry Collector can be optionally configured to collect certificate data from Credhub so that VMware may help a customer better flag any soon-to-expire certificates. If configured to collect from Credhub, it will get the Name, Issuer, and Valid Date for each certificate.


Data Description
Environment type
  • The environment used when collecting data with the CLI (production, pre-production, QA, development, sandbox); this is input by the CLI user
List of files collected
  • The list of the files created by the collect command
Data collection timestamp
  • The date at which the data was collected
Foundation ID
  • The product GUID of the BOSH Director
Collector tool version
  • The version of Tanzu Telemetry Collector used to collect data

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