VMware Tanzu™ Toolkit for Kubernetes is a collection of open source projects designed to enhance the use of VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid for cloud native applications. Tanzu Kubernetes Grid is a Kubernetes runtime that helps you install and run a production grade, multi-cluster Kubernetes environment on the infrastructure of your choice. Tanzu Toolkit enables the best use of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, amplifying the developer and ops experience by leveraging open source projects.

Want to know what is in the current release of Tanzu Toolkit? Look at the Tanzu Toolkit for Kubernetes release notes. Visit the Tanzu Toolkit download page to downloade this offering.

Learn About the Open Source Projects Supported by Tanzu Toolkit

Tanzu Toolkit includes enterprise-level support for Harbor, Velero, Contour, and Sonobuoy.

Harbor logo

Harbor is an open source registry that secures artifacts with policies and role-based access control, ensures that images are scanned and free from vulnerabilities, and signs images as trusted. As a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Graduated project, Harbor delivers compliance, performance, and interoperability to help you consistently and securely manage artifacts across cloud native compute platforms like Kubernetes and Docker.

To learn more, visit the Harbor web site.

Velero logo

Velero is an open source tool to safely backup and restore, perform disaster recovery, and migrate Kubernetes cluster resources and persistent volumes.

To learn more, visit the Velero web site.

Contour logo

Contour is an open source Kubernetes ingress controller providing a control plane for the Envoy edge and service proxy.​ A CNCF Incubating project, Contour supports dynamic configuration updates and multi-team ingress delegation out of the box while maintaining a lightweight profile.

To learn more, visit the Contour web site.

Sonobuoy logo

Sonobuoy is an inspection and diagnostic tool that makes it easier to understand the state of a Kubernetes cluster by running a choice of configuration tests in an accessible and non-destructive manner. Sonobuoy is also being used by CNCF as the underlying technology to support their vendor certification program.

To learn more, visit the Sonobuoy web site.

Tanzu Toolkit provides advisory—or best effort—guidance on Prometheus, Grafana, and Alertmanager for use with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid. Installation, upgrade, initial tooling configuration, and bug fixes are beyond the current scope of VMware’s advisory support.

Prometheus logo

Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit.

To learn more, visit the Prometheus web site.

Grafana logo

Grafana is a multi-platform open source analytics and interactive visualization web application.

To learn more, visit the Grafana web site.

Prometheus Alertmanger logo

Prometheus Alertmanager handles alerts sent by client applications such as the Prometheus server. It takes care of deduplicating, grouping, and routing them to the correct receiver integrations such as email, PagerDuty, or OpsGenie. Alertmanager also silences and inhibits alerts.

To learn more, visit the Prometheus Alertmanger project on GitHub.

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