Reference architecture

VMware provides a validated reference architecture and multiple validated reference designs for deploying Tanzu for Kubernetes Operation.

VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations Reference Architecture provides a high-level architecture for deploying the Tanzu components that make up VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations. The reference designs are tailored for deploying Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations on your SaaS or infrastructure of choice.

The reference designs are based on the high-level architecture. They provide design recommendations and steps to deploy VMware Tanzu on various SaaS platforms and infrastructures including vSphere, AWS, and Azure. The reference architecture, designs, and deployment steps are tested and supported by VMware.

The reference design documents include information about how to deploy and configure the component products that constitute Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations.

See VMware Tanzu Reference Architecture Documentation for the complete set of reference architectures for VMware Tanzu.

Service Installer for VMware Tanzu

Service Installer for VMware Tanzu automates the deployment of the reference designs for Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations. It uses best practices for deploying and configuring the required Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations components.

For documentation on how to deploy Service Installer for VMware Tanzu, see Service Installer for VMware Tanzu Documentation.

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