Deploying VMware Tanzu Advanced Edition allows application developers to do continuous integration and operators to manage and monitor hundreds of Kubernetes clusters across multiple clouds and consistently deliver application updates to users. The following shows a Tanzu Advanced Edition deployment.

Tanzu Advanced Edition Component Versions

The following VMware Tanzu component versions are used to achieve the deployment described in this document. These components are available to you when you purchase Tanzu Advanced Edition.

Component Documentation Version
VMware Tanzu Mission Control Release Notes SaaS
VMware Tanzu Observability by Wavefront Release Notes SaaS
VMware Tanzu Service Mesh Release Notes SaaS
VMware Tanzu Application Catalog Release Notes SaaS
VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (formerly Avi) 20.1.3 Release Notes / 20.1.5 Release Notes 20.1.3 (Tanzu Kubernetes Grid deployments) / 20.1.5 (Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service deployments)
VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service for vSphere with Tanzu Release Notes Included with vSphere 7.0. Use 7.0u1 or later for integration with Tanzu Mission Control.
VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (Required to deploy Kubernetes clusters in a public cloud such as Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure) Release Notes 1.3.1
VMware Tanzu Build Service Release Notes 1.2.2
VMware Spring Cloud Data Flow for VMware Tanzu Release Notes 1.11
VMware Tanzu SQL with Postgres for Kubernetes / VMware Tanzu SQL with MySQL for Kubernetes Release Notes / Release Notes 1.2.0 / 1.0

Outcomes with this Deployment

With a Tanzu Advanced Edition deployment,

  • Developers can use a Kubernetes cluster that is consistent, tested, signed, and supported by VMware to create standard container images for their applications, and get actionable insight into the health of their applications.
  • Operators can efficiently provision and manage hundreds of Kubernetes clusters across teams and clouds, manage policy across their Kubernetes estate, control networking resources, and get actionable insights into the health and performance of clusters across clouds, all from a single global control plane. The platform operator, application operator, and SRE roles, generally fall into the operator role.
  • Application security engineers can track and audit application artifacts, apply consistent policy across your software supply chain, and provide container networking and mesh services needed for consistent, secure connectivity between applications.

The following shows how the Tanzu Advanced Edition components are consumed by developers, app operators, and platform operators in a development to production environment.

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