Welcome to the VMware Tech Showcase Documentation Page. Join our innovation community and try our latest projects and share feedback with us directly.

What is VMware Tech Showcase?

The VMware Tech Showcase program was created to give an opportunity for VMware and our customers and partners to work closely together on our latest innovative technology offerings. The goal for the program is to give our customers the opportunity to try out and provide feedback on new services before they are fully productized.

We want to make sure that what we build matches our customers' needs and have an opportunity to partner with us on defining the direction.

What is a Service?

A ‘service’ within the VMware tech Showcase program is:

  • ·An offering that has little or minimal dependencies on other VMware products or solutions.

  • A SaaS offering, with minimal or no downloadable components

  • Focused on providing enhanced customer experience by leveraging telemetry, In-product support and continuous customer feedback

Why should you give Showcase a try?

  • Get an early sneak-peek into some of the forward-looking tech projects at VMware

  • Become a design partner and help us shape new services by providing valuable input and feedback

  • Receive regular, ongoing updates on services being offered as part of Showcase

Who can try out Showcase?

All VMware customers and partners are welcome to try Showcase.

How do I get started with Showcase?

Option 1:

  • Log in to CSP

  • Select the service

Option 2:

  • Select the service of your choice

Will Showcase services ever be available to use with VMware products?

Showcase services being available to use as part of VMware products is not guaranteed and maybe decided on case-by-case basis (for each service). The decision on whether services are added to VMware products will depend on several factors including customer interest.

What type of data will Showcase collect?

Showcase will capture data via questionnaires and telemetry to better understand your user journey and interactions with Showcase services. The data will be used to inform our decisions and improve the user experience for our services in the following forms:

  • Questionnaires will include brief questions about your feelings and opinions on the products and process

  • Telemetry will be used to help us identify how the product is working and how you are using it. The following telemetry will be captured for each of the services on Showcase:

    1. Registration – new account creation

    2. Duration – time active in the session and on a page

    3. Frequency – timestamped frequency of visits to the service and its pages

    4. Error and Exception Tracking - Collecting data on errors, exceptions, and crashes to help identify and resolve technical issues

    5. Performance Metrics - Tracking performance-related metrics, such as page load times, response times, and server latency, to help us monitor and optimize the speed and efficiency of the service

    6. Click and Interaction Tracking - Tracking clicks, button interactions, and navigation patterns to help us examine what paths you are taking to access and use the service

    7. Device and Browser Information - Collecting data on the devices and browsers to help ensure compatibility and optimize the user experience across different platforms

    8. Feedback participation - documenting participation in questionnaires

By capturing these telemetry data points, we aim to gain insights into user behavior, identify technical issues, optimize performance, understand user paths and interactions, ensure compatibility, and gather user feedback effectively. This data will guide us in making informed decisions to enhance the user experience of our cloud infrastructure services.

Please note that we respect your privacy and do not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) such as names, addresses, or contact details through our telemetry data collection. Our focus is solely on understanding user behavior and improving the overall performance and usability of our cloud infrastructure services.

Are there user research sessions I can be a part of?

  • User research sessions maybe scheduled for individual services on case-by-case basis and are voluntary

  • All users can share their feedback via the questionnaires

Will I have to pay to use Showcase?

Showcase is being offered as a free-tier, tech-preview platform for some of the SaaS-based services at VMware.

What happens if a service is no longer offered in Showcase?

  • Customers that have signed-up for a showcase service would be informed 30-days prior to discontinuation of a given service. Customers would be informed via email notifications and in-product announcements.

  • Customers would be informed about next steps planned for the service, if any (Example: Graduation to a Business Unit, integration with existing product line etc.)

  • Any customer data specifically associated and stored for a given service would be deleted.

How will sign-ups and onboarding be managed for each Showcase service?

  • Each service will have limited number of registration slots available. Customers can sign-up and onboard the required services in their respective CSP customer organizations.

  • Once the registration limit is reached, customers can join the waitlist for trying out a given service. The customers will be notified of the open slot, and they will be registered and onboarded for the service once it becomes available.