Getting started with Project Keswick is very easy, the following list provides an overview of the what is needed to setup your first host, further detailed instructions can be found in this document.

  1. Accessing Project Keswick

  2. Downloading the Keswick Media

  3. Setting up a Git repository

  4. Deploying Keswick hosts

    1. Deploying a Physical Host

    2. Deploying a Virtual Keswick Host

  5. Associating a Keswick Host to a Git Repository

  6. Configuring Keswick hosts

  7. Deploying Workloads

    1. Kubernetes Containers

    2. Deploying Virtual Machines

The Keswick Architecture figure shows the basic architecture of Project Keswick and its relationship to the Project Keswick SaaS Service and its Git repository, a typical Project Keswick host connects to a Git repository to pull its desired state information for the infrastructure, VMs and containers, telemtry is provided from the host to enable basic monitoring from the Keswick SaaS Service. The Keswick hosts are designed to work in environments which have limited, inconsistent or no network connectivity.

Figure 1. Architecture of a typical Keswick deployment