Learn how you can access Project Trinidad and deploy Project Trinidad sensor for monitoring workloads.


  1. Get access to Project Trinidad in one of the two ways:
    Option Description

    Through VMware CSP (Cloud Services Platform)

    • You can log in to VMware CSP (Cloud Services Platform) and choose from the list of available services to try out. You can onboard the Project Trinidad service to your CSP organization.

    Through VMware Tech Showcase™microsite

    • You can access the Trinidad service through the microsite. After the service is selected on the microsite, you are redirected to the CSP login page as mentioned in the previous step.

  2. Get access to useful resources on Showcase microsite.

    Refer to the VMware Tech Showcase microsite to get access to useful resources about getting started, FAQs, recorded demos, walkthrough, and so forth, for Project Trinidad.