Deploying the installer OVA requires a standard OVA template installation through the vSphere Client.


  1. Connect to the vCenter Server client and deploy the OVF Template.
  2. Browse and select the <filename>.ova file, and click Next.
  3. Enter a virtual machine name and the inventory location, and click Next.
  4. Select a compute resource location, and click Next.
  5. Review the Deploy OVF Template Details and click Next.
  6. Read and accept the VMware End User License Agreement, and click Next.
  7. Select the virtual disk format, Storage Policy, storage name, and then click Next.
  8. Select the Destination Network, and click Next.
  9. Set the appropriate properties.
    • Passwords

      • Provide an admin password.

      • Provide a root password.

    • Network Properties

      • Enter a host name for the virtual machine that you are installing.

    • Static Route

      • Optionally, provide the IPv4 Network, the Prefix Length, and Gateway IP address for any networks that cannot be accessed through the default gateway.

    • DNS

      • Enter the DNS server.

    • Services Configuration

      • NTP Server List.

  10. Click Next.
  11. Review the deployment settings and click Finish.

What to do next

Allow up to 5 minutes for initialization, then browse to the appliance management interface for the initial activation using https://hcx-ip-or-fqdn:9443.