The VMware HCX for Telco Cloud and Telco Cloud Automation components work together to provide VMware Telco Cloud Automation services.

VMware Telco Cloud Automation has various benefits:

  • Multi-cloud operational management, simplifying the design, onboarding, and management of both network functions and services across data centers and tenants of the Telco Cloud.

  • Streamlining of CSP orchestration with native integration into VMware cloud technologies.

  • Building Telco Cloud architectures with open multi-vendor Telco Cloud ecosystems.

VMware Telco Cloud Automation provides orchestration and management services for Telco clouds. Through VMware Telco Cloud Automation, you connect the virtual infrastructure in the Telco edge, aggregation, and core sites using HCX for Telco Cloud.

HCX for Telco Cloud provides infrastructure for placing workloads across clouds using Telco Cloud Automation. HCX for Telco Cloud supports the following virtual infrastructure manager (VIM) types: vCenter Server, vCloud Director, VMware Integrated Open Stack, and Kubernetes.

This guide provides the instructions for installing and activating both the HCX for Telco Cloud and Telco Cloud Automation components. For information about using VMware Telco Cloud Automation, see the VMware Telco Cloud Automation User Guide.