This section addresses issues that you most frequently encounter when setting up an air-gapped sever.

System Preparation

Question 1
My Photon VM cannot access the Internet after booting up. There are no ping responses from websites.
Answer: This issue occurs if there is a router setting issue in Photon OS. For detailed steps, see the Preparing Your System section.
Question 2
Proxy settings do not work even after following the steps listed in this guide.
Answer: Check the proxy again by running source /etc/profile. At times, the system settings do not enable immediately.
Question 3
I encounter a Docker issue when checking the Docker status:
Error response from daemon: failed to create endpoint <xxx> on network bridge: failed to add the host (xxx) <=> sandbox (xxx) pair interfaces: operation not supported.
Answer: This issue occurs because the required Kernel module veth does not load on boot up. For detailed steps, see the Preparing Your System section.
Question 4
I encounter an internal server error 500 issue when pulling Kubernetes images, and found the disk (root file system) to be full.
Answer: This issue occurs because the newly added disk partitions do not mount correctly. For steps to mount the disk, see the Preparing Your System section. Before that, clean the root file system disk to release space. Perform the following steps:
  1. #mount |grep sd //checks if the new disk partitions are mounted correctly.
  2. #du -sh /data/ //check for data folder size. This folder is used for storing Harbor images.
  3. #mkdir /mnt/temp
  4. #mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/temp
  5. #mv /data/* /mnt/temp
  6. #umount /dev/sdb1
  7. #mount /dev/sdb1 /data

Certificate Preparation

I see a X509 certificate issue when I log in to Harbor.
Answer: This issue can occur if the CA certificate does not rehash for SSL connections. For detailed steps, see the Creating a Self-Signed Certificate section.

Harbor Registry Setup

I encounter a pull limitation issue of Docker Hub when I prepare to install Harbor.
Answer: This is a known issue. VMware provides a public cache repository to fetch images from Docker Hub. For detailed steps, see the Configure HTTPS Access section of the Setting up the Harbor Registry topic.

Photon Mirrors Setup

It is more than an hour since the Photon OS repository sync started. Should I stop it?
Answer: The overall time taken to sync the repositories is about three hours, depending on the network bandwidth and latency. Keep the sync running and check its status from time to time. If the session hangs, run the command again. The sync process will then continue from the break point.