VMware Telco Cloud Automation notifies you when a newer version is available. You can then go to Administration > System Updates and upgrade to the newer version.

If you miss an upgrade notification and want to check for a newer version of VMware Telco Cloud Automation, perform the following steps:


  • Ensure that VMware Telco Cloud Automation is connected to the activation server.


  1. Log in to the VMware Telco Cloud Automation web interface.
  2. Go to Administration > System Updates.
  3. In the Available Service Update Versions column, click Check For Updates. This option is useful when you miss a notification from VMware Telco Cloud Automation about a service update and want to upgrade to the latest version.
    Note: The Check For Updates option is available only from VMware Telco Cloud Automation version 1.8 onwards.
  4. When an update is available, you can perform one of the following operations:
    • Download - To download the upgrade bundle from the public URL and stores it in the VMware Telco Cloud Automation node, click Download.
    • Upgrade - After downloading the upgrade bundle, the Upgrade operation is enabled. To upgrade your VMware Telco Cloud Automation version, click Upgrade.
    • Download & Upgrade - This option combines the download and upgrade operations.
    • Readme - This option opens the release notes for the particular build.