VMware Telco Cloud Automation allows you to make minor software updates and major package and component upgrades to your network functions and network services. You can then map your upgraded VNFs, CNFs, and Network Services to the latest version in the Catalog.

You can perform the following upgrades or updates:
Package Upgrade
When you upgrade the package of an existing VNF, CNF, or Network Service, VMware Telco Cloud Automation detects those changes and provides an option to update the software version and description. You can then point your VNF, CNF, or Network Service instance in the catalog to the newer version.
Component Upgrade
When you upgrade the components of a CNF, you can map them to a newer version. For example, when you update the Helm charts in a CNF instance and upgrade the instance to a newer CNF catalog and version, the deployed Helm charts is automatically upgraded to the newer version.
Software Update
You can perform minor software updates to your CNFs and map them to their latest versions in the Catalog.

The only criteria for performing an update or an upgrade is that the software provider and the product name must be invariant across all versions.

The following table lists the type of upgrades and updates you can perform for VNFs, CNFs, and Network Services.
Table 1. Type of Upgrades
Network Function/ Service Package Upgrade Software Update Component Upgrade
VNF Yes No No
CNF Yes Yes Yes
Network Service Yes No No