VMware Telco Cloud Automation enables you to schedule upgrades for TCA-CP systems installed at Telco Cloud sites through a centralized management interface.

The TCA-CP Upgrade Manager interface allows you to upgrade those TCA-CP appliances that are connected to VMware Telco Cloud Automation. To upgrade VMware Telco Cloud Automation to a newer version, see Upgrade VMware Telco Cloud Automation.

Using the TCA-CP Upgrade Manager interface provided by Telco Cloud Automation, you organize individual TCA-CP systems into logical groups. You then apply an upgrade schedule to each group. The group schedule is synchronized down to the TCA-CP systems associated with that group. When the schedule occurs, the individual TCA-CP systems in that group automatically begin the upgrade process. Each system provides its upgrade status back to the TCA-CP Upgrade Manager.

Note: Because the TCA-CP systems in a group are distributed across the Telco environment, the upgrade status reported by individual systems can vary depending on things such as network performance.

Through group upgrade scheduling, Telco Cloud Automation can simplify and automate upgrade operations across your Telco environment.