VMware Telco Cloud Automation 2.0.1 | 03 MAR 2022 | Build VM-based: 19402305, HA-based: 19402307

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What's New

New Platform Interoperability

  • New Platform Interoperability

    VMware Telco Cloud Automation 2.0.1 adds interoperability support for the following product versions:

    Product Version
    VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 1.4.2 with Kubernetes versions: 1.19.16, 1.20.14, and 1.21.8.
    VMware vCenter Server 7.0 Update 3c
    VMware NSX-T, 3.2
    vRealize Orchestrator 8.4.2, 8.6.2

Infrastructure Automation

  • Infrastructure Automation now supports VMware vRealize Orchestrator 8.4.2

Updated Kernel Version

  • Updated Linux Kernel version for late binding.

    Linux Kernel version linux-rt-4.19.198-9.ph3 is available for late binding on CaaS clusters.

Kubernetes Upgrade

  • Kubernetes Upgrade Matrix

    Management Cluster

    Existing Version Supported Upgrade Version
    v1.21.2+vmware.1 v1.21.8+vmware.1
    v1.20.5+vmware.2 v1.21.8+vmware.1
    v1.20.4+vmware.1 v1.21.8+vmware.1

    Workload Cluster

    Existing Version Supported Upgrading Version
    v1.18.2+vmware.1 v1.19.16+vmware.1
    v1.18.6+vmware.1 v1.19.16+vmware.1
    v1.18.8+vmware.1 v1.19.16+vmware.1
    v1.18.16+vmware.1 v1.19.16+vmware.1
    v1.18.17+vmware.2 v1.19.16+vmware.1
    • v1.19.16+vmware.1
    • v1.20.14+vmware.1
    • v1.19.16+vmware.1
    • v1.20.14+vmware.1
    • v1.19.16+vmware.1
    • v1.20.14+vmware.1
    • v1.20.14+vmware.1
    • v1.19.16+vmware.1
    v1.19.16+vmware.1 v1.20.14+vmware.1
    • v1.20.14+vmware.1
    • v1.21.8+vmware.1
    • v1.20.14+vmware.1
    • v1.21.8+vmware.1
    • v1.20.14+vmware.1
    • v1.21.8+vmware.1
    v1.20.14+vmware.1 v1.21.8+vmware.1
    v1.21.2+vmware.1 v1.21.8+vmware.1

Important Notes

  • Correct format for the server certificate.

    When uploading the server certificate:

    • Do not enclose the certificate and key in any double or single quotes.
    • In the certificate, add a newline after -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and add a newline before -----END CERTIFICATE-----.
    • In the private key, add a newline after -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY----- and add a newline before -----END PRIVATE KEY-----.

Resolved Issues

The following issues are resolved for this release.

CNF Lifecycle Management

  • Pre or Post Upgrade Workflows will now be picked from the CSAR to which the CNF is being upgraded to.

  • If a CNF contains multiple Helm charts, the following improvement applies both for CNF Reconfigure and CNF Scale operations:

    It is sufficient to provide only those values.yaml files that contain the changed parameters.

    Note that older VMware Telco Cloud Automation versions require providing the values.yaml file for each Helm chart of the CNF.

  • CNF Upgrade does not fail when trying to upgrade a CNF that has its dependency order defined.

  • CNF Upgrade now triggers sub-jobs correctly for the respective Helm charts.


  • Fixed OutOfMemory errors on vmconfig operator.


  • VDU Properties are now set correctly for VNFs deployed through the VNF vApp model.

Known Issues

The following issues are identified in this release.

CNF Lifecycle Management

  • Journal logs consuming high disk and are rolling over quickly.

    Journal logs are not rolling over and are end up filling the root partition, which can cause CNF instantiation failures.

    See the VMware KB article 87719 at https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/87719.

Infrastructure Automation

  • Host config profile does not proceed for application in ZTP.

    Create a new dummy host profile and save the dummy host profile.

  • Cell Site Group remains in the NOT_PROVISIONED state.

    A Cell Site Group, parented by a pre-deployed CDC, gets stuck in NOT_PROVISIONED state when you resync after upgrading from VMware Telco Cloud Automation 1.9.5 to VMware Telco Cloud Automation 2.0.1.

    NOTE: This issue is observed only on VM-based VMware Telco Cloud Automation.

    Workaround to get the Cell Site Group out of NOT_PROVISIONED state:

    1. SSH into the VMware Telco Cloud Automation Manager appliance and switch to root.
    2. Delete the Central/Regional site spec (bringup_<domain-name>.json) from VMware Telco Cloud Automation manager under /common/lib/docker/volumes/tcf-manager-spec/_data.
    3. Restart tcf-manager container using the command docker restart tcf-manager.
    4. Log in to the VMware Telco Cloud Automation UI and navigate to Infrastructure Automation > Domains.
    5. Resync the Cell Site Group.

    Workaround to successfully add a new host to the Cell Site Group:

    1. Delete the Central/Regional site spec from VMware Telco Cloud Automation manager under /common/lib/docker/volumes/tcf-manager-spec/_data.
    2. Retry adding the new host.

Cloud Native

Cluster Automation

  • No IP when a worker node is restarted by CNF customization or manually.

    The worker node IP is lost when the node VM is rebooted.

    Restart the CPI pod by running the kubectl command: kubectl rollout restart daemonset/vsphere-cloud-controller-manager -n kube-system.

Host Profiles

  • Host Profile not applied.

    If there are VMs running on the ESXi host, Host Profile changes are not applied.

    Power off all the VMs on the ESXi host before applying Host Profile changes.

CaaS Infrastructure

  • CaaS Cluster deployments are not supported on vCenter Servers that have multiple data centers within them.

Cloud Native Upgrade

  • Cloud-native VMware Telco Cloud Automation upgrade is not supported in an airgap environment.

    You cannot upgrade cloud-native VMware Telco Cloud Automation version 2.0 deployed in an airgap environment to version 2.0.1.

  • VMware Telco Cloud Automation upgrade issue and workaround.

    Delete the Upgrade Agent before upgrading VMware Telco Cloud Automation on a system that has already failed to upgrade in the previous attempt.

    1. Delete upgrade-{applianceType} and redisservice-{applianceType} chart if present in failed state.

      For example: helm uninstall upgrade-tca-manager/upgrade-tca-cp -n tca-mgr/tca-system.

    2. Delete the tca-helm-service pod in the tca-mgr/tca-system namespace.
  • Services information in Platform Manager fails to load when retrying a failed upgrade.

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