You can incrementally upgrade the Harbor and Photon OS repositories on the airgap server host without rebuilding and redeploying the entire server.


To upgrade the repositories, connect the airgap server to the Internet.


  1. Download the latest airgap TAR file from VMware Customer Connect.
    You must upgrade your airgap Harbor repository after you upgrade to a newer version of VMware Telco Cloud Automation. Download the airgap TAR file from the VMware Customer Connect site, the same location where you downloaded the newer build of VMware Telco Cloud Automation, and copy it to the /root folder.
  2. Extract the airgap TAR file and update the user-inputs.yml file.
    1. Extract the airgap TAR file:
      tar xvfz VMware-Telco-Cloud-Automation-airgap-files-2.0.0-<build number>.tar.gz
      cd airgap/scripts
    2. Update user-inputs.yml.
      cp vars/setup-user-inputs.yml vars/user-inputs.yml
    3. Use an editor to open the YAML file:
      vi vars/user-inputs.yml
    4. In the editor, set the server_fqdn parameter to your airgap server FQDN name:
    5. Save the file and close the editor. Before running the Ansible Playbook, create the logs folder:
      mkdir -p /root/airgap/logs
      touch /root/airgap/logs/publish-image.log
  3. Perform the repository upgrade. This step incrementally upgrades Harbor and Photon OS repositories on the server.
    ansible-playbook playbooks/setup-repo.yml 2>&1 > upgrade_repo.log &
    To monitor the output in realtime, view the repository upgrade log file, and view the Harbor image sync log file:
    tail -f upgrade_repo.log
    tail -f /root/airgap/logs/publish-image.log