Troubleshooting tips for day 0 deployment scripts.

SSH Keys

The SSH public and private key pair files in a configuration input file such as bootstrapper.json is the absolute path to the file. For example:
Note: To generate the SSH key pair files for the first time, use the ssh-keygen utility.

Base64 Password Encryption

When generating password using a base64 tool, ensure that the echo command does not include a new line. For example, echo "<password_to_be_encoded>" | base64 does not work since "<password_to_be_encoded>" | base64 represents a new line.

To avoid emitting a new line, use -n in the echo command. For example, echo -n "<password_to_be_encoded>" | base64.

Remove or Comment Out Unwanted Overrides From the Configuration Input JSON File

When you use a template configuration file, there can be keys that are not relevant to your configuration. You must disable these keys either by commenting them out or removing them altogether.

For removing a key from the overrideValues section, simply delete the line from the configuration input JSON template.

You can comment it out by prefixing comment_ to the key, such as comment_<key_to_be_commented>.

For example, to comment out airgap related keys, rename the keys as:
"_comment_airgapFQDN": ...

"_comment_airgapCaCert": ...

To remove vrliAddress from the configuration, delete the line and ensure that there is no key called vrliAddress defined in the overrideValues section.

No Conflict with Static IP

Since multiple static IP addresses are used during day 0 deployment, ensure that the IP addresses are not used on the same network. Otherwise, access to the UI or platform service can fail. Static IP addresses are used for:
"controlPlaneEndpointIP" for "managementCluster"
"controlPlaneEndpointIP" for "workloadCluster"
"ip" for "tcaMgr"
"ip for "tcaCp"