Starting from release 2.0, VMware Telco Cloud Automation provides a Workflow designer in the user interface for defining life-cycle management workflows.

The Workflow designer in VMware Telco Cloud Automation is available for Network Functions (VNFs and CNFs) and Network Services. Using the Workflow designer, you can now create a workflow, upload an existing workflow specification in JSON format from your local system, or select a workflow from the Resources folder in VMware Telco Cloud Automation.

You can design workflows for the following life-cycle events, or add a custom workflow. The list can differ for VNFs, CNFs, and Network Services:
  • Instantiate Start
  • Instantiate End
  • Heal Start
  • Heal End
  • Scale Start
  • Scale End
  • Scale Level To Start
  • Scale Level To End
  • Terminate Start
  • Terminate End
  • Upgrade Start
  • Upgrade End

You can also deactivate a life-cycle event if your network function does not support it.