You can edit a cluster template to update its description, cluster configuration, tags, Kubernetes version, master node configuration details, and worker node configuration details.

  • Ensure that storage size is 50 GB.
  • Ensure that the network label length does not exceed 15 characters.
  • Editing the Kubernetes cluster template does not change the cluster instances that are already deployed.
To perform this operation, you require a role with Infrastructure Design privileges.


  1. Log in to the VMware Telco Cloud Automation web interface.
  2. Go to Infrastructure > CaaS Infrastructure and click the Cluster Templates tab.
  3. Select the Kubernetes cluster template that you want to edit.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. In the Edit Kubernetes Template wizard, make the required updates to the template details, master node configuration, and worker node configuration fields.
  6. Review the updates and click Update Template.


You have successfully updated the cluster template.