Configure VMware Telco Cloud Automation Manager.


You must have selected VMware Telco Cloud Automation - Manager as the role and activated it.


  1. In the system location screen, enter the location where you are deploying the system.

    Select the nearest major city to where the VMware Telco Cloud Automation system is geographically located. VMware Telco Cloud Automation sites are represented visually in the Dashboard.

  2. Click Continue.
  3. Enter the system name, and click Continue.
    The system displays a screen prompting you for the vCenter Server information.
  4. Enter the vCenter location and credentials, and click Continue.
    The system displays a screen prompting you for the SSO URL.
  5. Enter the SSO server URL, and then click Continue.

    The SSO URL must be either the vCenter Server URL or the Platform Services Controller (PSC) URL.

    The system verifies the information and generates a configuration summary.

  6. Review the system summary information.
    The system verifies the configuration and then generates a configuration summary.
  7. To reload the system, click Restart.
    It can take several minutes to reinitialize the system completely. During this process, the appliance management interface is not available.
    To schedule a restart, click Restart Later.


After the system reloads, it displays the appliance management dashboard. For more information about the dashboard, see Understanding the Appliance Management Dashboard.

What to do next

For information on using VMware Telco Cloud Automation, see the VMware Telco Cloud Automation User Guide.