The Network Slicing feature and service is disabled by default. To enable the feature and service, perform the following steps.


Contact the VMware customer care to activate the license for the Network Slicing before you enable the Network Slicing on your setup.
Note: You must repeat the steps for enabling the Network Slicing every time you upgrade VMware Telco Cloud Automation to a newer build of the same release.


  1. To enable the Network Slicing, log in to VMware Telco Cloud Automation Manager as root using SSH and enable network-slicing.service.
    systemctl enable network-slicing.service
    Note: After enabling, the network-slicing.service boots as part of the VM boot process, and reboots every time the VM reboots.
  2. To start the Network Slicing, use the following command:
    systemctl start network-slicing.service
  3. (Optional) You can also log in to the appliance management user interface (9443 port) and start the Network Slicing service.