VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid deploys a template with the virtual machine hardware version 13 by default. If your network function uses the VFIO PCI driver, it requires the hardware version 14 for an Intel-based setup and version 18 for an AMD-based setup. VMware Telco Cloud Automation updates this information to the VMConfig Operator according to the firmware. Currently, VMware Telco Cloud Automation updates the hardware version as 14 assuming that the setup is Intel-based. If you are using an AMD-based setup, use the following API to update the global settings to send the hardware version as 18.


Run this API on VMware Telco Cloud Automation Manager.


PUT: /admin/hybridity/api/global/settings/InfraAutomation/vfioPciHardwareVersion
    "value": "18"
  • Update the appropriate value based on the firmware.