You can upgrade the VMware Telco Cloud Automation or VMware Telco Cloud Automation Control Plane appliances using the upgrade bundle.

Note: The option to upgrade VMware Telco Cloud Automation using the upgrade bundle is only available for VM-based VMware Telco Cloud Automation.


  1. Download the VMware Telco Cloud Automation upgrade bundle from VMware Customer Connect.
  2. Save the upgrade bundle in a jump host and ensure that the jump host can access the appliance to be upgraded.
  3. Log in to the Appliance Management interface through FQDN. For example, https://tca-cp-ip-or-fqdn:9443.
  4. Click Administration > Upgrade.
    On the Upgrade page, details about the current installed version, upgrade date, and upgrade state are displayed.
  5. Click Upgrade.
  6. Click Choose File and upload the upgrade bundle
  7. Click Continue.


The appliance upgrades to a newer version.