This topic documents steps for how to create a node pool to satisfy testnf-du requriements.

Login to TCA GUI and execute the procedures as following.


Note1: Static CPU manager policy is required.

Note2: vmxnet3 interfaces for ipvlan and macvlan are now supported in csar. There is no need to prepare secondary interfaces during node pool creation.


  1. Select a workload cluster and navigate to worker nodes
  2. Add node pool
  3. Specify a proper node pool name, CPU, memory, Storage, replica, labels and static CPU manager policy, override vSphere cluster, resource pool, datastore if needed.
  4. Click "Add"


A node pool is created successfully for testnf-du.

Example: Node pool creation for testnf-du

Figure 1. Add Node Pool for testnf-du
Adding Node Pool details for testnf-du