During customization, VMware Telco Cloud Automation reserves 2 physical cores (4 Hyper Threads) and 512 MB of memory for the ESXi host while performing the CPU or memory pinning operation on the virtual machines. You can update this default configuration and update the VMware ESXi host information before instantiating your network function.


Run this API on VMware Telco Cloud Automation Manager.

Update the CPU Reservation

PUT: /admin/hybridity/api/global/settings/InfraAutomation/reservedCoresPerNumaNode
      "value": 3
Note: Enter the new reservation value in number of physical cores.

Update the Memory Reservation

PUT: /admin/hybridity/api/global/settings/InfraAutomation/reservedMemoryPerNumaNode
      "value": 1024 
Note: Enter the new reservation value in MB.

Update the VMware ESXi Host Information

After updating the CPU or memory reservation, run the following API:
PUT: /hybridity/api/infra/k8s/clusters/<workloadclusterId>/esxinfo