You can customize the infrastructure of a CNF according to its unique requirements. Customizing the infrastructure requirements enables you to create a cluster, customize, and deploy the network functions without any manual user inputs.

Network functions from different vendors have their own unique set of infrastructure requirements. Defining these requirements in the network functions ensure that they are instantiated and deployed in a cluster without you having to log in to their master or worker nodes.

To customize the cluster according to network function requirements, you must add the requirements in the network function catalog. Go to Catalog > Network Function tab. Click the network function that requires a customization and select the Infrastructure Requirements tab.

VMware Telco Cloud Automation added a custom extension called infra_requirements to the TOSCA. In this extension you can define the node, Containers as a Service (CaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS) components:
  1. Under node_components, you can define the requirements for the node. These requirements include kernel type, kernel version, kernel arguments, required packages, tuned configuration. You can also define networks to be configured for worker node. All the changes are applied on the worker nodes of the node pool.
  2. Under caas_components, define the CaaS components such as CNIs to be installed on each worker node. At present, supports SRIOV.
After you define the components of infra_requirements in the CNF catalog, the nodepool is customized according to the differences detected between the CNF catalog and the actual configuration present in the nodepool during instantiation.