You can manually edit a CSAR file and upload it to VMware Telco Cloud Automation.


Note: The following steps are valid only on macOS and Linux operating systems. On a Windows operating system, use the relevant commands to edit the CSAR file.


  1. Download the CSAR file that you want to edit. For more information, see Download a Network Function Package.
  2. Unzip the CSAR file.
  3. Go to the Definitions folder and open the NFD.yaml file.
  4. Update the descriptor_id field with the new descriptor ID. You can also update the NFD.yaml with any other changes, as appropriate.
  5. Save the NFD.yaml file.
  6. You can also add any other supporting files to their respective folders or edit the existing files.
    For example, you can add a script to the Artifacts > scripts folder.
  7. Recreate the CSAR file. Run the following command:
    zip -r <new_name>.csar TOSCA-Metadata/ Definitions/ Artifacts/
  8. Upload the CSAR file VMware Telco Cloud Automation. For more information, see Upload a Network Function Package.