You can modify the cell site group details.

You can modify the configuration of cell site group, add a host, and modify the network configurations related to cell site group.

  • Modifying CSI tagging information is not applicable.

  • You can add the CSI tagging information only for newly added hosts to a cell site group after the resync.

  • Once a Cell Site Group domain has provisioned or failed hosts, changing the parent of this Cell Site Group domain and then resyncing it does not migrate the hosts to the vCenter of the newly selected parent.

  • You can specify the parent of a Cell Site Group only when adding or creating the Cell Site Group domain. You cannot change the parent of a Cell Site Group once hosts are added to it.

To modify a cell site group, follow the steps:


A cell site group is configured.


  1. Click Domains under Infrastructure Automation.
  2. Click the Cell Site Group icon.
  3. To edit a cell site group:
    1. Select the cell site group to edit.

    2. Click Edit.

  4. Edit the details, as required, and click Save.