You can perform Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for domain.

You can generate the CSR, upload SSL server certificate, and retry to generate the CSR.
  • Telco Cloud Automation supports only self-signed certificates.
  • Do not enclose the certificate or the key in single or double quotes.
  • In the certificate, add a new line after -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and before -----END CERTIFICATE----.
  • In the private key, add a new line after -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY----- and before -----END PRIVATE KEY-----.


Certificate Authority (CA) is added. For details on adding CA, see Add Certificate Authority.


  1. Click Domains under Infrastructure Automation.
  2. Click the Central Site or Regional Site icon.
  3. Select the management site to edit.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. To perform certificate operations, click Certificate Management.
  6. Select the appliances to perform the operations.
    • To generate the CSR, click Generate CSR. It generates the CSR, signs the CSR and applies the certificate on the selected appliances.
    • To upload a SSL server certificate, click Upload SSL Server Certificate.
      • In Server Certificate, add the server certificate details.
      • In Private Key, add the private key details.
      • To finish SSL server certificate upload, click Upload.
    • To retry the failed operation, click Retry.
    • To refresh the certificate data for appliances, click Refresh.
  7. To generate the CSR, click Generate CSR.