The Scaling Policies tab provides an interface to configure scaling aspects and instantiation levels for the VDU instances in a VNF.

Using Scaling Policies, you can adjust to changing VNF workload demands by increasing or decreasing the VDU instances. For example, you can scale up the number of VDU instances in a VNF in anticipation of heavy usage over the weekend.

What is an Aspect?

Aspects are the logical grouping of one ore more VDU instances in a VNF. Scaling aspects define the VDU instances to scale in discreet steps. Each scale level of a scaling aspect defines a valid size of the VNF.

What is a Scaling Step?

A scaling step is the smallest increment by which a VNF is scaled for a particular aspect. It represents the number of instances scaled for a specific set of VDUs. If only a single step is assigned, the scaling step provides uniform scaling for all aspect levels. Multiple steps allow non-uniform scaling of VDU instances and requires the maximum scale level number of steps.

What is Maximum Scale Level?

Maximum scale level represents the total number of scaling steps that can be applied during a scale operation. The minimum scale level is 0.

What is Instantiation Level?

Each instantiation level defines a commonly used scaling level by specifying an aspect and a fixed scale level for that aspect.