You can backup and restore the entire management cluster nodes.

VMware Telco Cloud Automation supports to back up and restore the entire TKG management cluster nodes (VMs) on top of the same infrastructure.

  • Partial backup or restore of TKG management cluster nodes is not supported. You must backup all cluster nodes and restore them all together.

  • Restored management cluster must be associated with the same TCA-CP appliance.

  • The infrastructure, including vCenter, networking configuration and datastore must be same for source and restored cluster node VMs. And the infrastructure must be available to restore cluster node VMs on it.

  • Backup and restore of Kubernetes Persistent Volumes in TKG management cluster is not supported.

  • Before you start to restore all cluster nodes from backups, power off old node VMs, and then remove them from vCenter inventory or delete them from disk in vCenter. Otherwise old node VMs may be powered on and join the restored cluster.

  • During restoration, keep all node VMs power off until they are all restored. Then power on them.