Upgrade the software version, descriptor version, components, repository details, instantiation properties, and Network Function properties of your CNF and map them to the newer version in the Catalog.

If the existing Helm Chart requires a software upgrade, the system upgrades the software version of the CNF instance. If the existing CNF instance is not present in the new catalog, you can map the current CNF instance to a new Helm Chart. If you do not make a selection, then the existing CNF instance is removed from the Workload Cluster.

Note: If there is an issue during the CNF instance update or upgrade operations, you can resolve the issue based on the error message and trigger the update or upgrade operation again. For example, during the upgrade operation, if an image is missing in the Harbor repository and the operation fails due to this, you can upload the missing image and retry the upgrade operation.
Note: The selection of multiple node pools during CNF instantiation would also result in customization during CNF upgrade. It will continue to use the same batch size value that was defined during CNF instantiation.


You must be a System Administrator or a Network Function Deployer to perform this task.


  1. Log in to the VMware Telco Cloud Automation web interface.
  2. Select Inventory > Network Function and select the CNF to upgrade.
  3. Click the symbol against the CNF and select Upgrade.
  4. In the Upgrade Revision tab, select the software version and Descriptor version to upgrade to.
  5. In the Components tab, select the upgraded components to be included in your CNF.
  6. In the Inventory tab, select the repository URL from the drop-down menu, or specify the repository.
    For more information on updating the repository, see Updating CNF Repository from Chartmuseum to OCI
  7. In the Inputs tab, update the instantiation properties, if any.
  8. In the Network Function Properties tab, review the updated model. You can download or delete Helm Charts from the updated model.
  9. In the Review tab, review the updates.


Your CNF is upgraded to the specified properties.