You can install standalone velero client binary for cluster backup and restore operations.


Before using standalone velero client, download the kubeconfig file of workload cluster. Refer to Access Kubernetes Clusters Using kubeconfig.


  1. Download the supported version of the signed Velero binary for vSphere with Tanzu from the VMware Product Downloads Page.

    For TCA 2.2, the supported TKG version is 1.6.1.


    Ensure that you are using Velero binary signed by VMware so that you are eligible for support from VMware.

  2. Open a command line and change the directory to the Velero CLI download.
  3. Unzip the download file. For example, # gunzip velero-linux-vX.X.X_vmware.1.gz .
  4. Grant permissions to run the Velero CLI.

    # chmod +x velero-linux-vX.X.X_vmware.1.

  5. Move the Velero CLI to the following system path for global availability.

    # cp velero-linux-vX.X.X_vmware.1 /usr/local/bin/velero

  6. Verify the installation by using the following command:

    # velero version

  7. Append the --kubeconfig option for every velero command, for example:
    # velero --kubeconfig ./kubeconfig.yaml bakcup get