After you instantiate a Containerized Network Function (CNF), you can monitor its performance metrics and take corrective actions.


Note: This procedure is not supported for network functions that are imported from partner systems.


  1. Log in to the VMware Telco Cloud Automation web interface.
  2. Select Network Functions > Inventory.
  3. Click the desired CNF to monitor.
    The following tabs are displayed:
    • Inventory - Displays the summary of the status of the pods, deployments, and services. To display the tree view, click the tree icon below the Inventory tab.
    • Tasks - Displays historical tasks for the CNF.
    • Alarms - Lists the alarms generated for the selected CNFs. You can acknowledge alarms from here.
    • PM Reports - Displays the list of performance reports that are being collected. To set parameters for generating performance reports, click Generate Reports. You can generate reports for a metric group, set the collection period, reporting period, and the reporting end date.
    • Init Params - Displays the input parameters for the CNF.