Upgrade your cloud-native VMware Telco Cloud Automation that is deployed in an airgapped environment.


  • Ensure that VMware Telco Cloud Automation is in healthy condition by making sure all services are running in appliance summary of platform Manager.
  • Back up your VMware Telco Cloud Automation appliance.
  • Download VMware-Telco-Cloud-Automation-upgrade-files.tar.gz from customerconnect.vmware.com. This portal contains the upgrade BOM file required for upgrading Cloud-Native VMware Telco Cloud Automation.
  • To upgrade VMware Telco Cloud Automation in an airgapped environment, it must have been deployed using an Airgap Server and the FQDN of the Airgap server must not change after deployment.
  • Before starting the upgrade, ensure that the Airgap server is running the same version to which you want to upgrade VMware Telco Cloud Automation. For example, if you are upgrading VMware Telco Cloud Automation to version 2.1.0, then the Airgap server must also be running version 2.1.0.
  • If the Airgap server is using a self-signed certificate or private CA-signed certificate, then the certificate must be the same as the one used while deploying VMware Telco Cloud Automation.
Note: Upgrading cloud native TCA from an older version to TCA version 2.2 is not supported.