Create permissions that are applicable only to specific users and user groups.


You must be a System Administrator or a Role Administrator to perform this task.


  1. Log in to the VMware Telco Cloud Automation web interface.
  2. From the top-right corner, click the drop-down menu next to the User icon. Go to Authorization > Permissions.
    The existing permissions are displayed.
  3. Click Create Permission.
  4. In the Create Permission page, enter the following information:
    • Role - Select the role to associate the permission with.
    • Name - Enter a unique name for the permission.
    • Description - Enter an optional description about the permission.
    • User(s) / User Group(s) - Enter the user name or the group name to associate the permission with. To validate the user and user group name and to associate the permissions, click Validate.
      • When using Active Directory by group, you can provide the group in the following format cn=admingroup,ou=groups,dc=server,dc=net.
      • When using Active Directory by username, you can provide the user name in the following format userName@ad.
      • When using the vCenter, the format to enter the group name is domain\groupName.
    • Configure Advanced Filters - Select this option if you want to add advanced filters such as specific object type, attribute, metric, and their values. For example, you can associate the permissions that you create for a Network Function Deployer to access a specific Network Function Catalog, a Network Function Instance, Network Service Catalog, Network Service Instance, or a Virtual Infrastructure. Click Add. You can also filter objects in the catalog based on tags by adding specific tags and values to permissions.
  5. Click Save.


Your permission is created successfully and is displayed under the list of permissions.