You can control the number of API requests processed concurrently. Any request beyond the concurrency limit is queued until an ongoing request is completed. The next request is picked from the queued list based on the request priority, which is determined by the priority header and start time. This feature is applicable for CaaSv2, CNF, and VNF LCM.




Namespace Option Description Sample Request
Service intentObserverTaskDelay Updates the request polling interval. By default, the polling interval is 60 seconds.
                         “value”: 120
concurrencyLimit Configures the concurrency limit. This specifies the number of requests that can run parallelly. By default, it is 256.
The possible values for Service are:
  • ClusterAutomation - If you want to apply the settings to CaaSv2
  • CNFLCM – For CNF LCM Service
  • VNFLCM - For VNF LCM Service

For example, to update the polling interval for CaasSv2: