If your Network Service does not work as expected, you can heal it by running a set of workflows. These workflows are designed to perform some pre-defined corrective actions on the Network Service and are pre-packaged when designing the Network Service catalog.

Heal a Network Service.


  • Upload or create a network service.
  • Register any VIMs required by the network service.


  1. Log in to the VMware Telco Cloud Automation web interface.
  2. Select Inventory > Network Service.
  3. Click the (vertical ellipsis) icon against the Network Service that you want to heal and select Heal.
    In the Heal page, you can either select the Network Service radio button or the Network Function radio button. Selecting Network Function displays the associated Network Functions in the Network Service. Select the relevant Network Functions to heal. In this example, we heal a Network Service.
  4. Select the Network Service radio button.
  5. In the Select a Workflow tab, select one of the pre-defined types of healing from the Degree Healing drop-down menu. This option is required for auditing purposes.
  6. Select the pre-packaged workflow that is used for healing the Network Service and click Next.
  7. In the Inputs tab, enter the properties of the workflow such as user name, password, host name, Network Service command, and VIM location.
  8. Click Next.
  9. In the Review tab, review the changes and click Heal.


The Network Service begins to heal. To view its progress, go to Inventory > Network Service and expand the Network Service.