You can configure the certificate authority.

The certificate authority (CA) issues the digital certificate. These certificates help to create a secure connection between various appliances of a domain.

To add the certificate authority, perform the following:


  1. Click the Configuration tab
  2. Click Security.
  3. To add a new certificate signing authority, click Add Certificate Authority.
  4. Enter the following details on the Add Certificate Authority page.
    Field Value
    Name The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the server.


    The two-letter ISO code for the country where the organization is located.
    Key Size Size of the key used in the certificate.

    Valid for days

    The number of for which the certificate is valid.


    The city where the organization is located.
    Email Address An email address of the organization.


    The complete legal name of the organization. It can include suffixes such as Inc, Corp, or LLC. Do not use abbreviation.

    Organization Unit

    The division of the organization handling the certificate.


    The state or region where the organization is located. Do not use abbreviation.
  5. To confirm the details, click Add.